Bring your company into the Modern Age!
Drastically cut costs while exponentially increasing company efficiency

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AP Automation

Hands-Free Accounts Payable
Take the hassle out of processing your invoices: Go Hands-Free

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Document Scanning

Record Scanning Done Right
No Matter How Big the Project: Fast, Accurate, High Quality Results.

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Document Management

Instantly Access Your Important Documents: Securely and Efficiently.

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Accounts Payable

Eliminate the need for paper: Upgrade, and manage all your financial documents electronically!

Medical Records

Give yourself peace of mind, and help make the process of caring for your patients easier than ever.

Dealership Records

Leave the hassle of keeping paper records behind. Gain total control over your mountains of paperwork.

Human Resources

Access all your employee records and company documents at the touch of a button.

Management Tools

Effortlessly increase the efficiency and organization of your workplace!

One Time Projects

Rely on years of experience managing documents in a variety of different industries.

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Reduction in invoice processing costs with Auto-AP


Up-Time for your Recordsforce management tools


Increase in productivity using document management to simplify workflow


Disaster recovery for all of your many files, charts and records

Being in Human Resources, we need to keep any past employee’s records permanently. Without Recordsforce, I would be swimming in paperwork.

Ludeen Maguy | Sysco Boston

When I was first told that we were going to be scanning our records and that I’d be losing my paper, I was terrified. But now I wouldn’t go back for the world!

Kathy Pierce | Continuum

Since we started using Recordsforce, finding our documents is faster than a fast break.

Andrew Rice | Boston Celtics

Providing intelligent document scanning services and document scanning systems to businesses throughout the United States.

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