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Accounts Payable Automation

Solutions: Accounts Payable Workflow

Automation Tools for Your Invoice Processing Management Needs

Paper-based invoice management is labor intensive, error prone and lacks true accountability. Recordsforce’s accounts payable workflow services, available through our FileBound offering, automates your invoice processing management, accelerating completion and driving accountability into your organization’s accounts payable process.

  • Automatically distributes work to specific users or group
  • Forwards documents through successive work steps without delay
  • Allows documents to be prioritized based on certain criteria
  • Route by index values
  • Allows tasks to be completed and authorized by specific users

FileBound Workflow

  • Provides a process for load balancing work
  • Provides a quality control process
  • Unlimited users
  • Integration with other systems

Recordsforce's FileBound Workflow allows you to control operational costs, create employee accountability and increase your organization's scalability.