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BPS - Production Manager & Client Portal

Secure, real-time access to the status of your records
while they are in our process

Letting go of your documents, a core source of information to your department or even entire company, can feel…well, scary! BPS eliminates those fears, and provides you with peace of mind with the client portal. Be Productive Systems' production management system and production tracking system is the only system that gives you, the client, real-time access to the status of your records while they are running through our document conversion process.

As a Recordsforce client, with BPS you can:

  • Commence document tracking before they leave your office
  • Check status on specific batches as they progress through our process
  • Make real-time requests for your documents
  • Confirm fulfillment of turn-around requirements

BPS was designed to ensure the tightest alignment with your specific requirements for each of your unique and individual record sets. Developed as a corrective action, preventative action (CAPA) system, BPS places the appropriate controls in place for each step Recordsforce takes in handling your records. These control assurances work to further ensure on-going compliance with our SSAE-16 Type II Audit’ssystems and controls objectives.