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Recordsforce hosts an annual project beginning in September and completing late April/early May for one of our major clients, processing financial aid applications for colleges and universities. We hire anywhere from 80 to 150 temporary employees for the project, and strive to keep our top performers at the end on a permanent basis. We extend our business hours during this time to accommodate the project, and are open 8:30am – 10:00pm, as well as weekends! The hours fit perfectly within most schedules, and are very flexible.

Curious as to what the hiring process for that looks like? Check it out below!

Note: If you are interested in joining the project, and it is not within the timeframe, send an email to to be in the running for the next cycle.

The Hiring Process

Due to the high number of temporary employees we hire, we have streamlined a process to make it as efficient and effective for both Recordsforce and you, the candidate. Let’s review!

Step One: Apply

Cover letter MUST be included. We want to know why you want to work here! Complete the questions, and if you are a fit – we will reach out within a few days.

Step Two: In-Person Presentation & Testing

Once we review your resume, and see you’re an awesome fit, we will email you a link to pick a date and time for your Presentation and Testing.


You’ll be guided through a hands-on presentation that will go over the project AND what exactly it’ll entail. We create all of our systems in-house, so you will be able to have an interactive view of what you’d be doing while you are here. There will be room for questions and clarification.


Once you’ve gone through the presentation, you will take a knowledge-based test on what you just learned. If you pass, you are then tested on “test batches” where we can gauge your speed and accuracy. You will have some time to get up to speed, we don’t expect you to be perfect right away!

*Sign-on Bonus: The training and testing takes about 2.5 hours, so if you pass, we reward you with a sign-on bonus within your first paycheck.

Step Three: Pick A Start Date

Woohoo! You passed! We then send you an email with an availability form for scheduling purposes and available start date, as well as your new hire paperwork and information. The goal is to have everything completed so that when your first day rolls around, you’re ready to go!

Step Four: Be Awesome

Scheduling and longevity depends on your performance, but also your character. If you do well, show your peers respect, and stay dependable with your schedule; you’ll be here for the long-haul. Because the project is performance-driven, we keep people based on all these areas of awesomeness and project volume


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