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Recordsforce Resources: Case Studies

Accounts Payable (Rogers Corporation) - Learn how Recordsforce eliminated 99% of their manual data entry and resolved the overwhelming issue of lost and misplaced invoices.

Human Resources (Sysco Boston) - Learn how Recordsforce completed the discovery, paper conversion, implementation and training in time for Sysco to move to their new facility.

Medical Records (Martin's Point Healthcare) -Learn how they saved over $100,000 by outsourcing their document conversion.

EOBs (Elliot Health Systems)- Learn how a premier healthcare provider converted EOB file space into productive collection and processing space and received their ROI in less than 6 months.

FileBound On-Demand (Synernet) - Learn how Recordsforce digitized credential processing, made client records available around the clock and reduced on-going costs...all while improving client satisfaction.

Workflow (Shed's USA)- Learn how the largest shed manufacturer and distributor in the U.S. selling their products through Home Depot, Lowes and directly to the public needed to streamline operations and better manage their fax traffic.