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Document Scanning

Disaster Document Recovery

Disaster Document RecoveryRecords that have been submerged underwater need to immediately be moved to a facility where the documents can be subjected to freezing, drying, and finally scanning to digital image. Time is crucial once documents have gotten wet, the clock is ticking and information is being washed off the pages.

What happens if your documents were soaked in a flood? The biggest factor isn’t actually ink coming off the paper, which does happen. What’s the biggest factor that prevents recovery? Growth of mold and mildew on the documents… both instantly go to work on paper once it is wet and warm. Can you imagine a better environment for mold and mildew? The basement or storage room filled with wet paper documents in the dark filing cabinets.


If not dealt with in the first couple of days, the problem can get so toxic that a service company won’t want to touch your records. It would ruin their equipment! Plus- your own employees aren’t experts in mold remediation – so everyone is exposed to the risks.

Please- do not wait! If your records have been exposed to high levels of moisture or soaked by a flood or sprinkler system, do something about them immediately! Get them scanned by professionals!

The process of document recovery is time-consuming work that requires the right equipment, the right process and trained staff members that know how to handle these kinds of documents immediately. Every day spent sitting wet adds to the recovery effort while reducing the effectiveness of that recovery.