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Document Management

E-Forms – Process Automation

Go Paperless and Auto-Capture Key Information

Paper-based forms are expensive and difficult to distribute, manage and file. Recordsforce's Electronic Forms, or E-Forms, also referred to as online forms or digital forms, automates these records' creation and management, giving you all the flexibility and control you need to handle your documents. As an independent module of FileBound, you can elect to turn on these digital form capabilities whenever you want.

Commonform types to convert to E-Forms

· Claims (Medical, Health, Insurance, etc.)

· Credit Applications

· Employee Reviews

· Product Returns/RMAs

· College Applications

· Purchase Requisitions

· Travel & Expense Reports

· And many more…

Benefits of E-Forms Services by Recordsforce:

Gain an edge over your competition

How’s a digital form better than its paper counterpart?

Electronic Forms Services Capabilities:

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