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Frequently Asked Questions

Scanning FAQ's

What is the implementation time?

In the majority of cases Recordsforce can implement faster than clients are ready. For major implementations projects are complete within weeks, sometimes days.

What is the turnaround time?
Driven by client needs it can be as quickly as same day.

How do I get my records to your office?

Recordsforce employs a full-time courier. Records can also be submitted by FTP, email, fax, or through PO Box management.

What if I need a record while you're scanning it?
Our goal is to have electronic copies back to clients within 20 minutes of a request.

FileBound FAQ's

What about my email?
FileBound provides multiple paths for importing and organizing email with full integration with Microsoft Outlook

Will Recordsforce's FileBound integrate with my existing software?

Recordsforce's FileBound allows integration of content management functionality with all of your existing systems and applications. With Recordsforce's FileBound Application Integrator, you can quickly and easily map a field, create a button (or designate a hotkey) and proceed to query Recordsforce's FileBound to display the associated images. Recordsforce's FileBound is designed to become an integrated part of an information management strategy as opposed to a stand-alone solution.

Can I import files from my existing sources?

Recordsforce's FileBound delivers the functionality to automate the importing and indexing of digital files from any source. Additionally, Recordsforce's FileBound Integration Toolkit provides direct native file importing from any of the Microsoft Office Suite applications. Recordsforce's FileBound also supplies a print driver with direct print capabilities.

What additional fees are incurred for additional users?

Recordsforce's FileBound pricing solution includes unlimited users. There are no additional charges. Recordsforce will provide a comprehensive cost benefit analysis based upon your current usage.

Will Recordsforce's FileBound solution support all of our disparate image sources?

Recordsforce supports both centralized and distributed image capture environments while providing all of the industry standard index automation tools such as barcode recognition, OCR and data matching from external sources. In addition, Recordsforce's FileBound also supports images created from third party capture applications, fax servers email platforms and digital copiers.

What are the costs associated with creating E-Forms?

There is no additional cost for developing standard E-Forms. Recordsforce's FileBound integrated e-form module provides the automated solution you need. Recordsforce's FileBound allows you to create and store a library of on demand forms to automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. These templates can be configured as Word, HTML, or XML documents. When creating a form within the system, data from Recordsforce's FileBound database, or from external data sources, can be merged into the form. The created forms can be routed down a workflow for completion or printing. If printed, the forms include a unique document 10 barcode which allow completed forms to be tracked and auto-scanned.

Where are my documents stored?
Files are stored at BayRing data center in Portsmouth, NH.

What are the security levels at Recordsforce's data center?

BayRing’s facility offers a rock solid list of specifications designed to meet strict Bellcore and industry standards:

  • Redundant climate control
  • Inergen fire suppression & air evacuation fire suppression
  • Multiple entrances for diverse fiber optic connectivity
  • Separate pathways for Interconnectivity to upstream carriers
  • Security system & video monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring of all connections through separate NOCs
  • 24/7 secure swipe card access
  • AC or DC power at no additional charge
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Back up generator for prolonged outages

On-Boarding FAQ's

What is an on-boarding process?
On-boarding is the set of procedures we follow to bring a client accurately and rapidly from contract execution to having their project up and running with our production staff.

How long will the on-boarding process take?
There is no set time period as it will depend on the complexity of the project. Simple projects could be on-boarded in as little as 2 weeks and more complex projects could take up to 8 weeks or longer to complete.

What kind of involvement will you need from me (the customer)?
Throughout the on-boarding process we will have a need for communication with the client in order to answer any questions that may arise in relation to your project. The majority of questions should be covered in the initial discovery meetings between Recordsforce and you (the client).

What are the steps involved in the on-boarding process?
Depending on the complexity of the project, the steps involved will differ from project to project. The basic steps are:

  • Demo test to client
  • Internal (Recordsforce) on-boarding discussion
  • Communications with the client
  • Validation Batch
  • Client training
  • 1st Invoice
  • On-boarding survey
What happens to my validation batch documents after they have been processed?
The validation batch documents are treated as a normal batch in our production facility and follow the same document disposition procedures that we stipulate in our work instructions pertaining to your documents.

If I have questions or concerns during the on-boarding process, who do I contact?
As part of the on-boarding process, you will be given a list of contacts at our production facility that are available to answer your questions. We also have support staff available during business hours to assist you. If at any time you wish to speak to one of our support or production team members, please call 877-660-1880. Someone will always be available to take your call.

What are your operating hours?
We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST.