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Quotes: What people are saying about Recordsforce!

Document Management is our strength

"The best benefit of Recordsforce is that they can take 5 boxes of paper files in a filing room and create a digital archive to access whenever we need to. Currently they take our active files, scan them into digital copy and host them on FileBound. We now have on-demand access to all of our information, less cabinets in our office and can easily print out files when we need them. They are magicians. They make our paper go poof!"
Ludeen Maguy, Sysco Boston

"When I was first told that we were going to be scanning our records and that I'd be losing my paper, I was terrified. But now I wouldn't go back for the world! I love FileBound, it's wicked handy."
Kathy Pierce, Continuum Health Services

"I don't know what I would do without FileBound. It's life-changing."
Renee Means, Teradyne

"A delivery from Recordsforce is better than diamonds on Christmas!"
Louise LeBlanc, American Gas Products

"Every time I call Recordsforce with a problem or request, I'm so impressed with how helpful and friendly everyone is. I love FileBound and Recordsforce!"
Valerie Comfort, Southboro Medical Group

"Since we started using Recordsforce, finding our documents is faster than a fast break."
Andrew Rice, Boston Celtics

"With instant access to the right EOB, we cut our secondary billing process time by more than half and eliminated all of the paper storage, both on and offsite."
Jim O'Connor, Eliot Hospital

"At first I was afraid of letting go of the paper, but now I can't imagine going back."
AP Manager, Healthcare

"Custom-tailored solution, impressive products, and great customer service...all at a reasonable price."
Cheryl Schilke, Synernet, Inc.

"The paperless solution afforded by FileBound delights our client users!"
Cheryl Schilke, Synernet, Inc.

"Recordsforce saved us untold hours and dollars."
Owner, Healthcare Data Assessment Company