Why Choose Recordsforce?

Best in class protection for your documents so you can rest easy


If any of your company's information was ever lost or misplaced, there could be dire consequences, even up to challenging your company's existence. Add in a growing barrage of regulations and laws that assign specific information handling mandates (and mishandling penalties), and you have a recipe for fear and loathing in the world of document management.

There is no need to fret, however! Recordsforce's compliance-driven operating practices and client information management procedures ensure best-in-class protection and security for your critical information.


Safety, Security & Privacy Compliance
Sharing your documents and information with a third-party can raise anxiety and concern. We employ practices and procedures to ensure your information is protected, from employee background checks and passkey-only facility access, to encrypted data transmissions.

Recordsforce’s solutions help you comply with the difficult information management requirements, providing the necessary safeguards to ensure your information is both protected and in compliance.

If you are working in a paper-based environment, a flood, fire or other catastrophic event could spell the end of your business. And even with digital content, you may not have enough or the right back-ups in place to ensure disaster recovery. With Recordsforce’s solutions, you have at your disposal a wide variety of redundancy options, from simple duplicate optical archiving to full-fledged near real-time back-up of your information on our content management systems.

Safety, Security &  Privacy Compliance

Recordsforce was the first document scanning service bureau in the nation to obtain the SAS-70, SSAE-16 and SSAE-18 Service Organization Controls Report Certification.

What is the SSAE-18 and Service Organization Controls Report?
The SSAE-18 (Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18) Audit is a review, measurement and comparison on controls within a service organization; a standard put forth by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The SSAE-18 includes a complete review of a data center’s controls, processes and design, operational controls and policies, and the management’s description of system or service to a professional standard conducted by a third-party auditor.

I’ve heard of a SAS-70 and SSAE-16…isn’t this just the same thing?
Not at all! Beyond being a more aligned with international accounting practices, the SSAE-18 both updates and vastly improves on the SAS-70 and SSAE-16 audits. Here’s how:

  • “System” vs. “Controls” Though called the Service Organization Controls Report, a SSAE-16 actually requires a “systems” description, while the SAS-70 merely called for a description of “controls”. More than just semantics, a “system” is the services provided, along with the supporting processes, controls, policies, procedures, personnel and operational activities, which constitute the service organization’s core activities that are relevant to their clients. The SSAE-16 is a stronger and broader standard, whereby the SAS-70 “controls” are simply a part of the bigger picture.
  • Written Management Assertion The SSAE-18 and SSAE-16 requires written management assertion, something that was never required for a SAS-70. This assertion encompasses a number of essentials, including that: (i) the “systems” description are fairly presented; (ii) the control objectives were both suitably designed and operating effectively; and, (iii) the criteria used for making assertions, accounted for in additional statements with supporting material, were in place and consistently applied.
  • What does the SSAE-18 mean for me and my records?
    Outsourcing services that involve your company’s data and information can have a material financial impact on your organization. A SOC serves as a universally accepted validation that the appropriate system(s) have been implemented to safeguard your data and information.

Utilizing Recordsforce to digitize your documents gives you the comfort of knowing that the Recordsforce systems have achieved a level of safeguarding few others in the industry have. This globally accepted standard also means your firm can benefit for the mitigated risks while saving the cost and time to send your own auditors to audit Recordsforce.

As a Recordsforce client, with PACE you can:


  • Commence document tracking before they leave your office
  • Check status on specific batches as they progress through our process
  • Make real-time requests for your documents
  • Confirm fulfillment of turn-around requirements
  • Create tickets regarding documents that require special care or rework

Real-Time Access To Your Records

Letting go of your documents, a core source of information to your department or even entire company, can feel…well, scary! PACE eliminates those fears, and provides you with peace of mind with the client portal. Recordsforce's PACE system is the only system that gives you, the client, real-time access to the status of your records while they are running through our document conversion process.

    PACE  was designed to ensure the tightest alignment with your specific requirements for each of your unique and individual record sets. Developed as a corrective action, preventative action (CAPA) system, PACE places the appropriate controls in place for each step Recordsforce takes in handling your records. These control assurances work to further ensure on-going compliance with our SSAE-18 Type II Audit’s systems and controls objectives.

    Rapid Ready™ Implementation

    Fast, accurate project implementation…you will never have to wait for us!

    Rapid Ready™ is our time-tested new project implementation program, or as we like to refer to it, our new project "on-boarding" process. Via Rapid Ready™, our on-boarding team will:

    • Confirm your individual project’s work instructions and unique requirements
    • Run a production validation batch with your records to confirm proper fulfillment
    • Ensure your team is properly trained on all aspects of our services, including use of our PACE system, FileBound, etc.
    • Walk you through your first invoice for complete understanding

    For our clients who also utilize our Workflow services, we have complete on-boarding process that is accommodated by our Professional Services offering, including:

    • Process mapping and adaptation to a digital process
    • Initial workflows design and vetting
    • Trial run of digital workflow
    • Final retooling and retesting
    • Assistance during live launch

    Rapid Ready™ means we make sure your transition from paper or from your paper-based processes is as smooth, quick and accurate as possible, with the utmost attention to your knowledge and comfort with your new, paperless paradigm.

    Providing intelligent document scanning services and document scanning systems to businesses throughout the Northeastern United States.