FileBound On-Site

Securely organize, store, manage and access all of your key business documents and files on your premises.

The FileBound On-Site Difference:

FileBound On-Site is a fully-featured, document management solution deployed on your in-house IT infrastructure. It is a seamless solution that finds, controls, optimizes and protects information from many sources in many formats. FileBound addresses a range of user needs and offers broad functionality, including secure access, workflow and document archiving and access.

Key Benefits of FileBound On-Site: 

  • Gain control, manage and distribute document images seamlessly with all existing digital content.
  • Streamline business processes throughout the organization using our affordable workflow module.
  • Eliminate preprinted forms and provide web access to critical forms to all employees, customers and vendors.
  • Integrate their core line of business applications to the documents and content that support them.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance through secure management and tracking of information access.
Key Features of FileBound On-Site:

  • Unique to industry, unlimited user pricing model
  • Fully Secure
  • Free full system back-up
  • Works on ALL major internet browsers


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Avoid the capital expenses of buying your own system! Outsource your document management needs with Recordsforce’s Filebound On-Demand.