Data Extraction

Eliminate manual data entry altogether!

When you employ our document indexing services, you can rest easy knowing that your records will be labeled for lookup quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Some of the Data Extraction Services that Recordsforce provides are:

  • Manual Data Entry – for minimal data field extraction and data entry from hand-written or less legible machine printed sources
  • Automated Data Extraction – for our Digital Mailroom clients or those that utilize our Accounts Payable Automation, EOB Automation, or other similar services, you’ll eliminate your manual data entry and all but eliminate data entry errors that are common with hand-keyed data.
  • Data Validation –Recordsforce can compare your data (say a unit rate on a PO) to the data we pull from your scanned records to validate accuracy, and provide you with exception reports when discrepancies arise.
  • Data Auto-Populate – if you’ve already keyed in the image-related data, no problem! We can utilize your data to minimize your costs and validate all data on these records.


Check out some of the additional document scanning services that Recordsforce provides:

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