Medical Record Scanning Services

Move to a secure medical record scanning solution with Recordsforce

  • Digitize your patient’s health records

  • Upload directly into your EMR

  • Securely store inactive patient records

  • Leverage the full potential of your EMR

  • Ensure disaster recovery/disaster prevention

  • Recover expensive office space

  • Save time – access to your patient records immediately

  • Strengthen compliance with HIPAA and privacy laws

  • Free yourself from housing all that personal information

  • Improve patient satisfaction across all points of care


Our Process

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Retrieve your documents

Do you have boxes or shelves of patient’s health records clogging up your office? Recordsforce can send a team to shelve and transport your documents back to our secure SSAE-18 SOC 1 Type II compliant scanning facility. Not in the Northeast? We provide ready to pack boxes with instructions for shipping your charts back to our facility. Once they are received, the documents are checked into our PACE production management system and given a unique batch number. Our PACE system tracks all of the information relating to that batch, as well as every step that batch will go through while being processed. This offers one-of-a-kind transparency and real-time status updates to our customers, ensuring the chain of custody for your documents, and allowing you to track your records as they progress through our digitization process. 

 Document Preparation

Our highly experienced staff is trained to prepare your files for scanning. During that process staples are removed, sticky notes are moved, if documents are damaged they are repaired, and everything is done in accordance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 if any document needs to be altered in order to digitize. Furthermore, our team can help you reduce the cost of your project by identifying and removing documents that you do not need to retain as part of your retention requirements. By removing these unneeded documents, we reduce the overall cost of scanning, storing, and managing your paper health records forever.

  Document Scanning

The documents are then scanned exclusively through our high-speed Kodak 5000 series scanners. These machines, combined with our trained technicians, ensure the best resolution, clarity and results. Our scanners are tried and trusted by the world’s most prestigious institutions, as they provide the highest possible quality with minimal downtime.

Data Capture

Data is captured per each customer’s instruction. Work instructions are first approved by the client before technicians are able to start our process. This ensures that an individual is knowledgeable about the specific instructions required by the customer. Documents are then indexed through manual keying or automated data recognition in our specialized data capture software.

 Quality Control

Using data validation, field level constraints, human review, and business rules, our process ensures that your documents are complete and processed accurately. Our controls are built to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

 Delivery to you 

Once the documents have been passed by quality control, they are exported out of the data capture software, and can be delivered via an encrypted thumb drive, uploaded to one of our cloud-based systems or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to our portal, or uploaded directly to your system. Recordsforce can help you upload your new digital health records into your EMR software – be it Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, PointClickCare, or virtually whatever system you have.

HIPAA Compliant Record Scanning Services

HIPAA compliance is vital for anyone working in the healthcare industry. With Recordsforce you can be sure that your document retention processes maintain HIPAA compliance. Whether it be HIPAA compliant invoicing, document retention, or another process related to paper, put the Recordsforce experts in your corner and be sure that you’re staying compliant.

Since its creation, Recordsforce has worked side by side with every size of medical practice, with a stellar record of success. Wherever you stand in your paper practices, rest assured that the Recordsforce team has the years of experience and know-how to help you with all of your file scanning needs.                                                                                                  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you return the records once they’re scanned? Absolutely, we can return immediately, or save digitally and we will store your boxes free of charge for up 3 months until you determine how you’d like to proceed

How do you get our documents? Recordsforce can arrange a courier, or we can help you package and send them by mail (fully insured and trackable)

How long will the project take? That depends on how many files you have, however Recordsforce offers complete transparency into the process utilizing our PACE system.  Recordsforce customers can always see the status of their batches through PACE.  

What certification do you have for security?  Recordsforce facility is SSAE-18 SOC Type II compliant.  The SOC II focuses on a business’s controls as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system.

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