Human Resource Scanning & E-Forms

Refine your Human Resource Filing Process

From processing new hires and maintaining employee appraisals, to medical coverage documentation and retirement plans, your human resource team is inundated with paper and paper-based processing. Add to the mix the myriad of compliancy requirements like HIPAA, FMLA, and WC, and your team’s frustrations and anxieties can really start to mount.

We have developed solutions to give your Human Resource professionals the time and freedom to focus more on your business’ needs instead of administrative duties.

Human Resource Scanning

Human Resource Scanning
Recordsforce offers scanning services for employment applications, resumes, I-9’s, W-4’s, 1099’s, contracts, benefit administration files, annual reviews, employee attendance records, personnel files, employee correspondence, COBRA forms, 401K’s, medical plan documents, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements… you name it, we scan it.

Our SSAE-18 Type II compliant operation ensures the tightest security and production of your valuable information. Eliminate time spent on gathering, processing, tracking and handling these documents with our Human Resources Scanning Solution.

Human Resource Automation
With our FileBound On-Demand solution, you can create powerful workflows that will send your expense reports, vacation requests and performance reviews to the right person within your organization. The Human Resource Automation Solution will save you valuable time and reduce the cost of manual processing.

E-Forms Solution
Recordsforce’s human resource E-Forms solution powered by FileBound can eliminate the need for HR paper forms. Our E-Forms solution allows any HR department to easily automate the capture of any employee data from the completed E-Forms. Recordsforce’s E-Forms software makes creating an E-Form a snap. Alternatively, Recordsforce can create the E-Forms for you so to secure better compliance to internal human resource requirements as well as all legal or regulatory mandates. Eliminate the need for human resources personnel to perform data entry, forms filing and retrieving. Deploy Recordsforce’s human resource E-Forms solution for a quick and clean return on investment (ROI).

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Interested in saving countless hours your HR department spends manually processing paper forms? Contact us to learn how our Human Resource Automation Solution will reduce costs and increase productivity!