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If you are looking for a team of experts to help you convert collections of documents to digital format, Recordsforce can help! We can scan virtually any type of document ranging in size and type from credit receipts to architectural plans and everything in between, we have the expertise, equipment and people to perform your work.

It’s all done in a fraction of the time and cost it would take you and your staff to do the same work at lower quality. We perform all work in the US at our Portsmouth, NH production facility. No documents or American jobs go offshore when you partner with Recordsforce!

Below are other solutions we offer:

Accounts Payable Scanning

Remittance (EOB) Scanning
Tired of piles of EOBs filling up the billing department. Let us help! Eliminate all of the paper, search for any patient by name or id number. Redact HIPAA protected information on the fly!

Auto Dealership Document Management
Go paperless with your Deal Files and Repair Orders with our outsourced scanning services. Access your documents instantly from any device with our cloud based storage solutions! Track every vehicle on the lot and know which ones have been taken for a test drive and who has taken these test drives, all automatically!

And a sampling of just a few of the additional record sets that we have provided solutions for…

Gain desktop access to outstanding invoices and improve agency efficiency plus recover debt faster. Can even bypass printed invoices altogether with Print to File.

Insurance Claims
Lose the paper, gain productivity! Plus you can automate your processing with Workflow.

Journal Entries
Give your key players secure JE access right from their desktop. Breeze through audits, too!

Lab Requests
Same-day solution from paper to digital image! Or completely eliminate the paper altogether with E-Forms.

Legal Files
Manage discovery, contract, mortgage files, both active and closed, simply and securely and reap the benefits of 100% file integrity and 100% disaster recovery.

Keep employees focused on production throughput, rather than the paper shuffle. Improve efficiency plus quality while reducing production costs by eliminating the paper.

From reports to garnishment records, our solution will ensure timely record recalls and ease of auditing.

Proof Of Delivery/Proof of Purchase
These documents often drive your accounting needs…maximizing returns and/or minimizing overpayments with a customized solution.

Receivables Lockbox
Paper comes into your lockbox, what comes out? From scanning to distributed access to archiving, we fill the gap in your lockbox document management.

And much, much more!

Don't see your solution listed? No problem! Let us go to work for you…we can determine your unique needs and start working with you to find a solution today!